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An online project by the National Weather Museum to make understanding weather easier. We are a collection of educators and weather enthusiasts. Visit the museum to learn more! 

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If you are passionate about weather and how it works, you’ve come to the right place. 

Designed for Pre-K to Grade 13. 

Whether you are helping your child understand the world around them or you, yourself want to learn more. We are building lessons to explain everything from the most basic to the most advanced. 



Reading weather reports and accurately describing events of the day. Reading and Writing are foundational to our world. 


Math is the language of the scientific world. We combine easy to understand lessons. Nothing to be scared of here! 


Weather is dramatic and can be emotional. The art around weather reflects this and inspires creativity. Not only in learning but in creating

Critical Thinking

The foundation of a scientific literate society. Think, Challenge, and Understand

Who maintains the lessons is a project completely supported by the National Weather Museum and Science Center. We aim to make learning FUN and INTERACTIVE!

Will you be adding more materials soon?

YES! We will be adding new materials constantly to give new lessons, experiments, and programs.

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No, an account isn’t necessary. 


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In fact one of my kids love it so much she is now interested in studying weather

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